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I represent exclusively franchisees and associations with regard to franchise matters. My clients have ranged from single-unit franchise owners to multi unit owners and some of the nation's largest franchisee associations.

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While the vast majority of my clients are franchises, they are also businesses. In addition to franchise specific advice, I also advise clients on all aspects of general business law to help them effectively run a business in today's regulatory and over-litigious environment. This includes: reviewing and drafting contracts; providing updates and advice concerning legislative changes and legal requirements affecting the client's business; and, representing clients before various administrative agencies.

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Though my goal is to help clients avoid litigation wherever possible, the cold reality of today's business environment is that costly disputes will occur. When a dispute cannot be resolved informally, I aggressively advocate my client's interests in all types of commercial litigation, including representation in state and federal courts as well as arbitration/mediation and administrative proceedings.

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I provide the information and expert advice necessary to structure legal entities, and which entity best suits each client's business objectives.

Back to Top Employment Law (CA Only)

I provide a wide range of services regarding employee relations, from creating custom employee handbooks to preparing stock compensation and employment agreements for senior executives. My comprehensive knowledge of the employment relationship allows me to provide practical and effective counseling regarding employment issues, as well as aggressive representation in defending against employee lawsuits.

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I offer clients a wide range of services relating to real estate matters. These include: drafting and negotiating commercial leases (for both landlords and tenants); Foreclosure (judicial and non-judicial) and, Boundary Disputes.

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I provide advice to clients about compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar state accessibility laws. In conjunction with accessibility consultants, I can help clients provide cost-effective means of increasing accessibility to the public and employees, while avoiding the horrendous cost and liability of an accessibility suit. If a business finds itself facing an accessibility claim, I zealously advocate my client's interest in both finding the most cost-effective resolution to the dispute, as well as identifying and securing any applicable insurance coverage.

Back to Top Mediation / Negotiations

I have successfully mediated many disputes as a mediator, as well as represented clients in mediation and other less formal negotiations.

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